About us

Quobell is a software house specializing in Oracle, Java and OutSystems technology. Since we started in 1996 we have worked for a varied group of clients. The first years fully focused on Oracle, but rather quickly expanded with Java. With the increasing interest in rapid application development we recently added the OutSystems platform to our set of skills.
Within the broad spectrum of possible services Quobell has specialized in a number of specific areas like consultancy, application management, database and middleware management, education and implementation/configuration of standard solutions, on premise or in the cloud.

Focus on clients AND consultants

In all of our services we focus on “customer intimacy”. Our mission is to achieve optimal performance of your information systems, and to keep it that way. But not only do we focus on our clients. In order to deliver optimal services we have always focused on our consultants as well. At Quobell you will find enthusiastic and fully motivated Java and Oracle experts, working together in an open and informal atmosphere. Because of the expertise and commitment of our consultants Quobell has been a natural partner for a growing number of clients.


Java logoOne of our main expertises is application development and maintenance using Oracle, Java and OutSystems. Furthermore Quobell is specialized in several areas of the Oracle technology stack including Fusion Middleware, and management of your databases and application servers.

Quobell uses the latest Oracle technologies like the Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware, including the Oracle WebLogic Server, the SOA suite and Oracle WebCenter. Because of our partnership with Oracle Quobell is entitled to sell licences for a large part of the Oracle solutions.

Other examples of our expertises are technical consultancy around the Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracles comprehensive ERP solution, also known as Oracle Applications), the Oracle internet development suite, JDeveloper/ADF andQuobell OutSystems rapid application development tools like Oracle APEX (Application Express) and the OutSystems Platform.

Partner of Oracle and OutSystems

High quality is a very important aspect of our services. Among others we ensure that by means of partnerships with the companies behind the technologies on which our service are based, Oracle and OutSystems.
Quobell Oracle PartnerSince the start Quobell has been partner of Oracle, one of the largest software (and hardware) companies in the world. Our partnerships guarantee a proven level of education, knowledge and experience. An additional level of recognition is that in 2012 Quobell has been acknowledged as Specialized Oracle WebCenter Content Partner.